Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cell Grasp - Holding Device for Cell Phones

Many people today try to capture those special moments, with their cell phone's camera. Often they find that it takes more than one take to get that perfect shot. There are several aspects to consider when trying to capture the perfect shot for that special photo moment.
The right lighting, angle, and pose are just a few to consider. But perhaps one of the basic and most essential is holding your cell phone steady to capture that perfect shot. To take great photos, videos, or selfies with your cell phone and to avoid shaky, blurred or distorted results, a steady hand is a must.

 Many cracked cell phone screens are due to not having a proper grip and dropping your phone when attempting to take selfies or spontaneous photo shots. There are a number of products on the market that are designed to give you a better grasp on your cell phone to take selfies and photos. I recently tried one of those products named CellGrasp. I found the product to be pretty much as advertised. This device was easy to slip on my phone and has an adjustment for my grip. I was able to take some great selfies while maintaining a firm grip and a steady hand when holding my phone. CellGrasp design allows you to position your cell phone to your desired position with a stable grasp when capturing that great shot. The grips work very well for both horizontal and vertical shots and are very secure. It comes in two sizes and fits most phones. The advantage of this device is that it allows you to take great selfies, photos, and videos from a variety of positions while always maintaining a firm grasp on your cell phone at all times......

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  1. I've been using mine with wonderful results. My pics are much improved. Also no longer worry about dropping my phone. Great item!